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[Written...? / Action, May 20th and beyond]

[It starts with a hum.

It's quiet, barely perceptible, like a fruit fry buzzing away in someone's ear. Across the village, it starts flickering to life in the mind of one Luke fon Fabre, miles away, awake and unaware and waiting for it.

The hum becomes a whisper. Wordless noise. An echo of something that used to be alive and loud and binding. Intrusive, almost, and yet not- because something missed, needed, eagerly and anxiously awaited is rarely unwanted.

The whisper becomes words, messy and jumbled and confused, a thought process born of desperation, fear, pain, loneliness. The words of the dead, or the dying, or the living. Of all three at once.

I'm here.


help me

Alive. Alive.

And calling for him.]

[It's much later - after he's found, after he's awake and aware of his new situation - that Asch finally touches the journal. He toys with the controls, flips through the pages quietly, listening to everything that's open to hear. It feels... startlingly normal. Just your average day in Luceti. Life does go on without you- but then, he knew that long ago. This is nothing new.

...Well, almost nothing. It's hard to do much of anything when you can't see the world you're used to seeing around you. Not for the first little while, anyway. By touch and trial-and-error he finds the camera eventually, and he scribbles out a bit of nonsense in what he thinks is the entry area that almost looks like words, he sends out a few misfired comments to complete strangers, and in the end he thinks the entire journal system isn't nearly user-friendly enough. Eventually he gives up and sets it aside, leaving it open. Just. Listens.

It's not much. But for the moment, it'll do.]

((ooc: okay so here's the deal- Asch is back from the dead and blind. He'll be in the clinic for a while while he gets used to it, so feel free to use this post as a catch-all in case people want to visit/stumble upon him for the entire week. His scribble entry is also sort-of posted with a slightly-obscured picture, so if you'd rather use the voice function to bug him, feel free |D Word will probably get around that he's back one way or another.

Luke may or may not be with him depending on the time of visit; more often than not, he will be attached at the hip keeping an eye on Asch and helping him to see. He might also be asleep or taking a break. Feel free to specify; if he is there, he probably won't speak much (to save Kukki's inbox and to simplify things), so it's just a matter of whether or not your character will be seen.))
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[Voice] Will fix if I need to fix.

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Mr. Asch?

[Ginji doesn't think the journal would lie, as hard as it is to believe that someone might be able to recover from all of those injuries...from dying. Not that he doesn't want to believe it. But there's a difference between hearing things and seeing them for yourself. And besides, unintelligible handwriting isn't the most reassuring sign that someone's alive and kicking. So if he sounds a bit anxious, who can blame him.]

Can you hear me all right?
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[Ginji sighs audibly, as if he's been holding his breath for a really long time. After everything that's gone down this month, it almost feels like it.]

...Thank goodness! We were all really worried about you.

[He was. In Luke's case Ginji suspects "worry" isn't really cutting it, though... But Asch probably doesn't want to be bothered with the details.]

How are you feeling?
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That's great news. Then I guess you won't mind a visitor.

[Well, Ginji doesn't know whether Asch is okay with company or not. But depending on whether and how quickly his former boss shoots down the idea, he might at least be able to gather something of how things are going. Without asking Asch a million specific questions. Maybe.]
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[Close enough.]

Sure sounds like it. What are you in the mood for, Mr. Asch? I was thinking about picking lunch up on the way, since I doubt you'd want to eat my cooking.

To be honest, I'm getting tired of it myself.

[There are only so many things you can do to a sandwich and anything else is too much trouble to bother with outside of special occasions. Thus the Luceti version of take-out. Now where's that key?]
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You're right, I guess I do. Throwing ingredients together on a piece of bread doesn't really count, does it? Well, there's something to think about...

[O-ouch... Not like you mentioned chicken parmesan when I volunteered for this job, Mr. Asch. Geesh! You can bet he'll be trying his hand at real cooking before too long.]

[Key obtained.]
Okay! I should be there in about ten to fifteen minutes.
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[Ginji makes an effort to be prompt. In about fifteen minutes there'll be a knock at Asch's door and Ginji will poke his head inside while trying to balance a couple of paper bags.] Mr. Asch? It's me.

[Soon enough, his attention's inevitably drawn to the game of "fetch". It's probably best not to ask about the cat or the ball rebounding off random surfaces, but you can't blame a guy for wondering.] Though, if I knew you already had company, I would've brought extra food.
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[Somehow typical. That the cat and the owner would both be independently-minded.]

[He shoulders the door shut, sets one of the bags down, and walks over to Asch with the other one. There's something kind of off going on here. It's not unusual for Asch to avoid eye contact, but that's when he's in a mood and doesn't want to be bothered, or when he's trying to sleep or doing that deep-thinking thing that he does sometimes. Unless he's feeling a lot worse than he let on over the journal...]

Here you go. It should still be pretty warm since I asked them to make it fresh.
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[Penalty? As if Asch hasn't already suffered enough! Ginji's quiet for a moment as he absorbs this new information. He isn't particularly bothered by Asch's eyes, but he can only imagine how frustrating it must be for someone so used to relying on their vision to get things done. And how hard it probably is for him to admit (or not admit) he can't manage it all on his own right now.]

[It's for that reason that Ginji doesn't let the silence hang for long. He leans forward to place the bag into Asch's open palms and will hold it there until Asch takes it himself.]
Do you mind if I pull up a chair?

...The people at the restaurant were nice enough to bag everything so it'd be easier to carry. There's a chicken wrap in there with vegetables and cheese, some potato crisps and a piece of fruit. I just asked for water, but I could hunt down a cup of tea or coffee easy enough if you'd rather.
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[Seeing that Asch is handling the rest on his own, or so it seems for now, Ginji goes to fetch a chair and the other bag, taking care to skirt around the cat. He sets the former down close by but not too close. He knows well enough by now that Asch likes his personal space, after all.]

Maybe not, but everyone has preferences, don't they? Take Uncle Aston. He can't start the day without at least three cups of black coffee, no sugar, no cream. [There's the squeak of a chair taking on additional weight and the rustle of paper. Hope you don't mind him digging in, Asch. A pilot's got to eat, too. He'll be sure not to talk with his mouth full, though, because that'd just be plain rude. Otherwise he's not too worried.]

Who else has stopped by?

[Well. Actually, it's kind of refreshing not having to run through all the thank yous and your welcomes.]
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[There isn't too much variation. The crackle of the wrapper every now and then, an occasional light tap-tap of rubber against the floor - boots, not going anywhere. (It's just weird not to be running around on errands or adjusting a rudder pedal.) Ginji doesn't say anything for a little while, glancing over to make sure that Asch is actually eating. That and he doesn't want to bring up any hard or uncomfortable topics. Asch's blindness, that rainy day... and he won't even pretend he can keep up with the confusing tangle that is Asch and Luke's relationship.]

I see. [There's an audible smile at that - that Asch hasn't been stuck with himself the whole time.] Can't fault the doctors for doing their job, though.

But you know, it's kind of a shame that Ms. Noir and the others aren't around. They'd be able to liven things up.
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[Well, it is true that said "mockery" usually managed to push his buttons. Not that it's difficult to do or anything...]

Mockery? Don't know if I'd go that far. I mean, I'm pretty sure the only reason they gave you a hard time was to see how you'd react, Mr. Asch. Otherwise why would they have bothered hanging around for so long? [After Asch quit paying them, even. Not like there was any promise of that IOU being fulfilled, either.] They like you.

Besides, it seems like it'd be boring to sit up in the clinic all day.
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Then why are you? [Sitting up in the clinic, he means.] You said you weren't injured. [Which should mean he could go home if he wanted to. Granted, it's kind of wet out today, but it'll be nice weather eventually.]

[There's another squeak from the chair and a scrape of fabric when Ginji retrieves the two drinks.]

Maybe not... [Hmm... The right people to fill the void...] How about Princess Natalia, [A pause, then he adds more quietly.] is she doing any better?
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[Questions he'd dodge with the greatest of ease, that daring young man on the flying trapeze!]

[Ginji blinks at that. It's just an amateur observation, but Asch isn't making a whole lot of sense to him. So the house is boring, but he told the others to leave him alone, and now that...General Van...is gone it's still boring and no one visits. Or he doesn't want them to? But why would he not want them to if it's boring? Maybe just certain people. Maybe he's sore because General Van isn't there anymore. Or maybe he's actually lonely.]

I'd visit you anyway.


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