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There's too much of it. It burns into his mind, the echo of emptiness in the corner of it, that ache he can't seem to brush aside no matter how he tries to distract himself. He's tried going outside, he's tried burying himself in that braille stuff Xion gave him, he's tried striking up conversations with his housemates (even the animals), but he runs out of things to say far too quickly and in the back of his mind it's always there. The silence, the echo. The fact that something is missing.


And then he's had enough.

The journal's camera is partially obscured when the feed flickers on, and what it does show is his face - eyes, a flash of red hair, his bangs down - just enough to make it seem like he's not quite himself. His voice, too, is softened; it's not as open and friendly as Luke would have been when greeting the village, but it lacks the usual anger or pent-up frustrations of the socially-awkward soldier. If anything it sounds... hushed, weary, tinged with a bit of desperation. He needs this. Whether or not he wants to do it is irrelevant.

It hurts. The silence hurts, more than last time when Luke had been sent home, and he honestly hadn't thought it would.]

Tell me about your day. Tell me a story. Talk about anything. Today I'm listening.

[He might not care. He might not be nice about it. He might not even remember it later. But he'll listen.

He just needs to hear something, so he can forget about the nothing in his head for a while.]

((Asch is blind, so all tags must be voice/action or he cannot respond to them!))
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[Tap, tap. That's the sound of someone's knuckle against the door frame. Ginji pokes his head into the room, still at least attempting a smile after yet another day of trials and housekeeping misadventures.]

Mr. Asch? It's Ginji. Arietta and I were just trying to figure out what would be good for dinner tonight.

[It's more-or-less the truth, but Asch's behavior hasn't gone completely unnoticed, either. Dinner just seemed like a reasonable excuse to check in on him.]
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[ Meanwhile Arietta is just peeking in quietly.

She's never seen Asch like this before, and it's strange. Worrying. ]
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[Let him guess. Chicken?]

[Ginji leans back against the doorframe and makes a palm-turning gesture. It's kind of wasted on half of the room, but there's no help for it.]

Well. There were a couple ideas, but it seemed like it'd be best to run them by everyone first. [Maintain the harmony and all that. Ginji glances back at Arietta, then to Asch at the window.] The weather's nice today, and the grill's working. We could all eat outside together.
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[ Arietta runs towards Asch, but stops when she's only about halfway across the room. ]

Let's go outside. You'll feel better.

[ Outside makes her feel better, at least. ]
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[Good, that settles it. Asch shouldn't be moping around. Ginji walks across the room and stops beside Arietta. He'll be happy to lend a hand, but he figures Asch should be able to navigate to the door himself.]

Right. Let's go, then. We can sit around and talk while the food's cooking.

[Ginji has no illusions that either of his housemates are going to be doing multitudes of talking, but they're not bad company. He doesn't mind filling in the gaps.]
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[ And Arietta is here to have the bluntness of a brick. ]

Do you need help?

[ Said with a few more steps forwards. Come on Asch she can lead you by the hand if you need it. ]
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[Ginji knows better than to hover there in Asch's flight path. He shifts aside so the redhead can pass and watches as he makes his way to the door.]

[Let's see... he'll have to fire up the grill and bring the meat out. And there's still the vegetables to contend with.]

Well, since Mr. Asch doesn't want any help, do you mind lending me a hand? There's still some vegetables to peel. Guess we should get the meat on first, though.

[If either of you GGs has a better working order for this whole cooking business, by all means. The last part's directed at Asch, too; Ginji makes sure to speak out more so he can catch it all.]

Should we have chicken again tonight or try something else?
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[ Arietta stays out of Asch's path, too. When Ginji speaks, she turns to him. ]

Okay, I can do that. What should I do? [ She resists the urge to run back past Asch and into the kitchen. She's fine with moving around in the dark, but she still isn't sure just how comfortable (or not) Asch is without his own sight, so she's doing her best not to disturb him when he walks around.

Arietta doesn't respond to the meat question; it seems more directed at Asch to her, and she's fine with anything besides. ]
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All right, beef then.

[Not that it matters too much. Anything that's left over is quite possibly going to be recycled into sandwiches later in the week.]

It's really easy with limas, actually. You just pull the outer shell apart, then place the beans in a bowl. We can't do much with the pods, so we'll toss those out later.

[Seeing that Asch has made it to the doorframe, Ginji heads for the kitchen.] Go ahead and make yourself comfortable, Mr. Asch. We'll be right there.
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[ Arietta waits until Asch seems like he's okay, and then she follows Ginji into the kitchen and starts doing her best to follow his directions.

After dealing with a few beans, she glances towards the kitchen doorway to see if she can spot Asch through it, then turns to Ginji. ]

Is this right?