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[Action, backdated to October 6th, locked to Luke + housemates if they want!]

[There is a vast difference between seeing nothing and being unable to see at all. It's the first thing that Asch realizes when he opens his eyes, waking up in the cold of the underground tunnel, slumped against the invisible barrier outside of John's domain, and seeing, for the first time in months, some kind of... light. It's blurry, more like a shadow within a shadow, and as he squints at it, it occurs to him that it's entirely possible that his eyes hadn't been fixed correctly at all. People are occasionally stuck with side effects anyway, though, after their penalties have been removed, so he pushes those concerns aside and reaches out with his mind towards his replica.


Nothing. Not even a flicker. And there's a moment of panic - that something happened while he was gone, that he's dead again - but memory catches up with him. He's in the tunnels. Luke can't hear him down here. And even though he feels weak, bone-weary, and a little dizzy from his clumsy vision, he pushes off the wall and forces himself upright, edging his way towards the near-light of what he's certain must be the tunnel entrance. There's a ladder, a way up, and as he climbs, he keeps trying to contact Luke, hoping his replica is available to get him home. Just one last time, one more guiding hand. That's all he needs.

Thankfully Luke is available, and he will get Asch home, so he'll be back on the evening of the 6th, sticking close to the house for the most part and waiting for his vision to come back bit by bit.]


[Action, October 10th, open to anyone]

[Finally, finally, Asch wakes to find that hey, surprise! His eyes are as clear as the day they'd been before he died. He spends a long time staring at everything in his room, taking in the details, the changes that he'd missed or accidentally caused over the course of the last four months. There's dust in places difficult to clean, his closet is a disorganized mess, and the books on his shelf are out of order. Some of the houseplants aren't doing so well. Star's getting fat. The white in Tsuae's fur is discoloured from treks in the yard- chasing Ginji's birds, probably. He'll need to do a full sweep of the house and nitpick at it.

Tomorrow, though. Today he gets dressed, gets himself a meal and tea without dropping anything, burning his fingers, or bumping into the table. He leaves the house and he goes for a walk. Nothing special- a long, slow, utterly aimless wander through the village from late morning until after dinner, drinking in the sights and watching the people who pass him by, as if seeing it all for the first time. He swings by the shops, the restaurant, maybe even Good Spirits for a bit, a place he hadn't been since before Guy went home the first time. He might even talk to people. He seems curious and calm for once, almost smiling.

It's a nice day. He can see again. What's there to bitch about?

Evening will find him on Amaterasu's hill, leaning against one of the cherry trees, content to sit and watch the sunset. Only after it's finished does he return home at last.]
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[Action, October 10]

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[Ginji's not too worried when he finds the house empty this time. Nothing's been newly knocked over, there's no mess in the kitchen or any sign of struggle. Looks like Asch is finally back up on his feet! Er...back up on his feet with his eyes working properly, that is.]

[So after a quick run through the most necessary chores, Ginji spends much of the day working on his current flight project. He'll still be working at it well after dinner, sitting at one of the chairs with a large mound of material draped over the arm and cascading down into the floor. There's a plate on a side table, too, with a few uneaten sandwich slices. He looks like he's concentrating hard, though whether the task is difficult or he's just trying not to poke himself with the needle, it's hard to tell.]
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[Action, October 10]

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[Asch, so considerate.]

[Ginji's completely absorbed in what he's doing, so it's a few seconds even after Asch speaks before Ginji realizes he was just asked a question. He somehow manages not to stick himself with the needle this time as he tucks it away and quickly pushes the goggles back on his head (one of the guy's eccentricities, since he obviously doesn't need to be wearing them in the house).]

Welcome back! I wasn't sure when you'd get in, so when dinner time rolled around I figured it'd be best to stick with something simple.

[Ginji looks vaguely apologetic, but he's also grinning. You can see those plain old overrated sandwiches, can't you Asch?]
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[Action, October 10]

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Ah... Sorry. There's supposed to be a difference? [If so, it's not too clear-cut. Breakfast is kind of obvious, but are there actually dishes you should and shouldn't have for dinner?]

[Ginji watches as Asch clears the plate and begins hauling out ingredients, feeling utterly useless. He can only take a few minutes of it before he abandons the chair and makes his way towards the kitchen. It's engrained; he can't just sit and do nothing while other people are working.]

So your sight's back to normal. That's great, Mr. Asch! Is there anything I can help out with? You know, I feel kind of bad with you cooking dinner so late. It seems like we should be celebrating or something instead.
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[Action, October 10]

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Sure, I am. [What? He's supposed to say 'no' to someone else's not!horrible cooking? One thing you learn really fast is you don't say 'no' to food. Ever. (Unless it's really awful.) Besides, dinner wasn't much - something simple so he could work and eat at the same time. Typical mechanic move.]

[That's not such a tall order, and by now Ginji's pretty much got the layout of the kitchen memorized, so he's able to rummage around for the bag of rice and a pot that'll fit it.]

Okay. No celebrating, then. [Although dinner absolutely counts.] But you had a good day out, at least?
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[Action, October 10]

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[And pouring the rice, and putting it on to heat.]

Meaning it was a good day, right?

[Stir, stir.]

For someone who expects a lot out of others and even more from himself, you're not really asking for much.

At least ask for a great day. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.