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Asch the Bloody ([personal profile] dissonates) wrote2012-11-25 11:17 pm

[Voice/Action] backdated to Day 1 of the event until the end!

[Asch will be leaving a single message on the journal network on the evening of the first day, his voice flat:]


I know that the village is being its usual mad self this week, but Guy Cecil's gone back to his world. With the recent departures, Good Spirits is shorthanded.

[....oh, right.]

Also, considering the bar is in the area where alcohol is apparently prohibited, thieves have been after the stores. Most of the remaining supply's been hidden, but I could use help guarding it.

As far as I know, the journal network has always been for our eyes only, so if you want any for yourself and the staff doesn't recognize you, try to come up with something only one of us would know.

[After that, he won't be doing much exploration. Asch is having none of this silly experiment business; he woke up wearing this, and since his closet seems to be full of clothes either like it or much worse, he just rolls with it. He's been around the block before. He'll be staying in the bar pretty much 24/7 (besides food runs and emergencies) to make sure the collection doesn't get completely depleted; he may be a recently returned staff member himself, now, but the bar was important to Guy, so he can at least protect it for a while. Alcoholic drinks will be served through the back door to villagers only, so if you want some booze, better figure out a way to act convincing.]
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Need another set of hands? I can't say I'm familiar with all the fancy names they have for alcohol around here, but we used to have to find creative ways to keep Grandfather out of it.

[Funny story, that. Since they've got a trap door that lets out in front of the bar. Back home. You can imagine.]

[More quietly:]
Also...I'm sorry about Guy.
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[Come on, Asch. You wouldn't be making the announcement if it wasn't something halfway important to you - one way or another. Otherwise it'd be one of Guy's other friends doing it, right?]

Right, got it. I could whip up something with wheels for you if you're planning on moving a bunch of it at once. Might go a bit quicker. [Like a sack barrow.]

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You know Class M specializes in the impossible.

[Halfway to himself.] But is one going to be enough? If we're on a short schedule, then improvising a series of levers would probably... [gradually trails off into mechanical jargon about hand carts and pulley systems.]


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[Oops. Ginji's voice cuts off abruptly, replaced with the sounds of someone fumbling for a sketch pad and a handful of tools. You can hear the metal clink-clanking together in the background.]

...Oh, right! Just sorting things. This should be done in a flash, and if not...

[There's a pause and what might be a verbal shrug.] ...There's always the rope. But I'm pretty confident it'll work out.